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Udo Erasmus on essential fats and oils

Udo Erasmus, acclaimed expert on fats and oils, and author of “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill”, discusses all things fat in this week’s video. The interviewer comes from a vegetarian and vegan perspective, but the information is as useful to everyone.

The video is ten parts long. Part one is embedded here, as well as part five, which discusses omega-3’s and omega-6 ratios, but if you find fats as fascinating as I do, the links to the followups are in each video.

Part 1 of 10:

Part 5 of 10: Omega-3 and omega-6

How to fight desertification and reverse climate change

Allan Savory once promoted culling elephants to preserve rapidly degrading grasslands. He’s realised what a tragic mistake this was, and is now devoted to restoring grasslands in a manner that actually works, and in this video presents his more recent findings.

Vandana Shiva’s Sydney Peace Prize Lecture

“If commerce starts to undermine life support, then commerce must stop, because life has to carry on.” This is the central premise Dr Vandana Shiva’s passionate address for the 2010 City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture, in which she lambasts global corporations for waging war against nature in the name of profits.

If you want to skip the introduction and go straight to Vandana Shiva’s talk, her lecture begins at the five minute point.

Vandana Shiva : Sydney Peace Prize Talk from WisdomKeepers Productions on Vimeo.

Restoration of the Loess Plateau

The Loess Plateau in China has been described as the most eroded place in the world, and already 1000 years was suffering the ill-effects of poor land-use.

In this video, John Lui and his Earth’s Hope project look at the dramatic restoration of parts of the plateau.

MPower menstrual cup review

Here’s a review of the MPower menstrual cup.

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Toxic Baby

Filmmaker Penelope Jagessar Chaffer was curious about the chemicals she was exposed to while pregnant: Could they affect her unborn child? So she asked scientist Tyrone Hayes to brief her on one he studied closely: atrazine, a herbicide used on maize. Onstage together at TEDWomen, Hayes and Chaffer tell their story.

Greenpeace head boarding an Arctic oil rig

Greenpeace head Kumi Naidoo was arrested for boarding a Cairn’s Oil Rig in the Arctic, holding the latest 50 000 signatures in a petition to end Arctic drilling, and demanding to see their oil spill response plan.