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MPower’s Karabo Initiative

MPower’s menstrual cup is made locally here in Cape Town. One cup can replace up to 1200 pads over its lifetime, and help reduce the 160 million tampons and pads thrown away in South Africa every year. You can see a review of the product here.

This week you’ll see a listing for the Karabo Initiative pledge. The initiative comes from recognising that 60% of women in South Africa cannot afford sanitary-ware. Many are disempowered and stripped of their dignity on the most basic level, and truancy from school as a result is a common problem.

The pledge allows one MPower cup to be donated to one woman. We take no profit, and all of the money raised goes to the Karabo Initiative.

Compostable Toothbrush
Another common product clogging up the landfills is the common toothbrush. In Australia, over 30 million toothbrushes are disposed of each year, approximately 1000 tonnes of plastic that will take many lifetimes to break down.

The environmental toothbrush, made mainly from bamboo, can be safely composted in its entirety, even the packaging. The toothbrushes have been selling well, and this week we have a new variety with softer bristles to complete the range.

Mixed Boxes
It’s been well over a year since the mixed boxes last increased in price. They’re great value, but we don’t want them to get smaller, and with food inflation galloping ahead we’ve finally had to increase the prices. The small mixed box, aimed for 1-2 people, is now R90, and the medium box, for 3-4 people, is now R140.

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MPower menstrual cup review

Here’s a review of the MPower menstrual cup.

We’re also offering the opportunity to support the Karabo Initiative – a R195 pledge that goes towards helping the 60% of women who cannot afford sanitary ware. Go to our order form at to help support this valuable project.