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Slow manifestation

A few weeks ago, it seemed that there had been relatively few price increases, and even some decreases, this year, in contrast to the dramatic food inflation of last year.

And then everyone made plans to put up their prices up at the end of the financial year.

To make sure your mixed box still lives up to its promise, with the large box providing enough for 3-4, and the small box for 1-2 people, we’ve had to increase their prices as well. The small box is now R100, and the large box R155. They’re still excellent value for money, containing approximately R110 and R167 worth of produce.

Public Holiday
Remember that Thursday is Human Rights Day, so not all collection points will be open. If you want delivery, please make sure someone is at your premises to receive the order when it arrives. As always, you can adjust or cancel your order up until 2pm on Tuesday.

Tomato Sauce
Many years ago in our appearance on Free Spirit, I mentioned that one of our aims is to encourage the local production of organic food, and specifically used tomato sauce as an example. It’s taken a little longer to manifest than I’d hoped, but we finally have a local, organic tomato sauce to offer. This is not a commercial tomato sauce, made from sugar and tomato paste (in that order!), but a mild tomato sauce using some of our own fresh tomatoes. Please send feedback on the recipe, as Tania is still experimenting.

Tania’s Voluptuous is also offering a corn and pepper relish, ratatouille chutney and a butternut chutney.

Egg Boxes
We love re-using, so please return eggboxes, punnets, 1 litre and 500ml glass jars and the cardboard boxes, and we’ll put them to good use again.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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Fire in the orchards

Kleinjongenskraal is one of our earliest suppliers, offering mainly organic citrus and introducing me to all sorts of unusual citrus I’d never encountered before. We’re sad to hear that a fire has hit the area and crossed much of farmer Les Abraham’s orchards. Les hadn’t yet had a chance to inspect all the trees when he spoke to us, but it’s likely that some of the trees were killed or be unable to bear fruit again, and will need to be replanted.

Citrus trees take many years to reach fruit-bearing maturity, so this is a heavy blow to the farm. We wish him and everyone on the farm well, and hope that they can recover quickly.

Soaring Free Superfoods
Soaring Free Superfoods have recently released a range of new products, pre-made mixes for lazy people like me. There’s a Supergreen shake, consisting of African baobab, green grasses, hemp seed protein, African moringa and spirulina, a concentrated way to get those greens in.

There’s also a superfoods shake, consisting of lucuma, mesquite, raw cacao powder, maca, taheebo, cinnamon and vanilla.

Both are designed so that you can simply add water and shake, or use as as ingredients in juices and smoothies.

Peter and Beryn are passionate about their superfoods, and have visited most of the farms they buy from. Last year they visited a thriving organic goji farm in China, and sourced supplies. However, upon the batches arrival, they tested the berries and found, in spite of Chinese organic certification, two pesticide residues. They sent the entire batch back and were without gojis for much of the year, then a key part of their range. They struggled for a long time to secure proper organic gojis, finally doing so at the end of last year. Conventional gojis that they tested, and which are now widely available locally, contained nine pesticide residues.

It’s great dealing with farms and suppliers run by people who are offering products that are passionately investigated, that they enjoy themselves and are excited to share with others, and this is a key part in ensuring only the most authentic produce for us all.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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Leopards and little peas

Tierhoek Organic near Robertson is a family business and one of the few local farms that not only grows certified organic fruit, but also processes it, packs it and markets it from the farm.

The farm is supplied by fresh mountain water and use green technology where they can; an electric cart for transport, solar geysers, solar power and recycled old cooking oil to produce bio-diesel for use on the farm.

This week we’re offering yellow cling peaches, yellow sungold plums, quinces and plum tomatoes from Tierhoek, as well as their range of dried fruit; apples, plums, bananas, naartjies, mixed fruit and their “Zooty Fruit Strip”, five small packets of mixed fruit, ideal for lunchboxes.

For the sweet-toothed, there are also chocolate apricots and chocolate naartjies, as well as quince jam, apricot jam and peach jam.

Man of the organic farms supplying us love visitors, and Tierhoek are no exception, offering holiday accommodation in their cottages at the foot of the Langeberg mountains. The farm is also leopard-friendly, so if you’re lucky enough to visit you may even get to hear the call of a leopard in the mountains.

I am a little pea
As we move into March, it’s time to start planting broad beans, peas and turnips and we’re happy to be able to expand our organic garden seed range even further by offering more varieties. Theresa’s “I am a little pea” range of seeds are produced in the Cederberg and her family has been harvesting seed as long as she could remember. She started harvesting her own after she moved to the area in 2008 and realised how difficult it was to find organic seed. We’ve added celery, gooseberry, flat-leaf parsley, sunflower and victory lettuce to the mix.

Hopefully there’ll be enough to go around, as quantities are limited!

Friday collections
Please note that we’re no longer offering Friday collections at any of our collection points. Although this means the collection hours in some cases are more limited, we’d like you to get our veggies as fresh as possible. We receive them right up until Wednesday evening and pack through the night, ready to deliver them on Thursday morning, so we can’t bear the thought of them sitting uncollected for a whole day!

We love to get boxes and bottles back so that we can put them to good use. A reminder that many of our collection points and our couriers accept returns.

Have a beautiful week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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