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It’s Not April Fools!

The Ethical co-op strives to bring you the best quality, best-priced fresh organic fruit, vegetables and dairy. We have been running since 2005 and in 2014 we went through some changes and Anique, who has a strong interest in health and supporting local farmers started taking over the management of things. Our range of products is growing all the time but it seems like our ethos is spreading as well. We are oh! So! Very! proud to announce that our very own Director (and Chief Executive Officer of Bliss) at The Ethical co-op, Anique will be presenting at the Renewable Energy Festival on 28 March 2015. She’ll be chatting a bit about the Ethical cooperative experience and localising production and consumption as a response to the climate crisis and we’d love you all the join us.

The Ethical co-op spent some time in Johannesburg recently at the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign. We made lots of new like-minded friends and we are all excited about participating in this year’s Renewable Energy Festival. The Exhibitors have been hand picked to join the festival and have masses of information to give to the public about Renewable Energy Resources. The festival is aimed at educating the public about renewable energy and sustainability.

Vishwas Satgar will be discussing the climate crisis and agriculture, industrial agriculture problem’s and will talk a bit about the alternatives such as agro-ecology, food culture and solidarity economy.

Davine Witbooi will speak about her farming experience and agro-ecology and how they are managing water use and dealing with the climate crisis.

Zayaan Khan from Surplus Peoples Project will talk about local and indigenous food culture in relation to climate change.

The Renewable Energy Festival is at the Green Point Track in Greenpoint. 28 March 2015 11h30 – 22h00. The festival will be OFF THE GRID and will culminate with global Earth Hour switch off. Its FREE! So bring family, kids, friends and anyone you think would benefit from making alternative choices when it comes to renewability, sustainability and responsibility. The festival is aimed at educating everybody on climate change and what is happening to our beautiful planet while we sit back and do nothing.

You’ll get to enjoy an amazing FREE line up of truly South African performers throughout the day and evening. The iconic SA Legend himself, Johnny Clegg and his entire team, Hot Water, Jesse Clegg, Gang of Instrumentals, Comedian Siv Ngesi will MC and perform, top SA cover band Me & Mr Brown, Katlego Maboa, great forums where you can voice your opinion and get involved, stunning kids entertainment, craft and food market, juice bars, an exciting expo bringing new products to the market and demonstrating renewable energy in action, celebrity sportsman supporting our Kick the coal out of the park campaign and so much more!

Check It Out! The SA Eco Film Festival also starts this week.

Meanwhile back at Headquarters our Banana Saga continues. This week, unfortunately, the bananas became unavailable at the last minute. We’re offering them again this week from a new supplier Lebombo, and hopefully there’ll be no more unpleasant surprises. Banana’s are priced at R12,00/kg. You may think we are taking you for a Monkey’s Uncle but it’s not April fool’s we really wrote R12,00!

This Just in! Radish, Brinjals, orange-fleshed Sweet Potatoes and two varieties of Parsley (Moss curled and Italian).

Parsley is often overlooked in the herb garden and the kitchen and only used as a simple garnish. Nutritionally there is no difference between Moss Curled (Petroselinum Crispum) and Italian or flat leaf parsley (Petroselinum Crispum). Many people prefer the taste of Italian parsley and it tends to be favoured by cooks because it can stand longer cooking.

Here are some more things we bet you didn’t know about Parsley

1. Parsley is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, vitamin A and minerals such as iron. Two tablespoons of parsley a day added to your food will provide protection against colds and flu.
2. It is an excellent herb to use when detoxing as it acts as a diuretic. It can also help relieve problems such as gout, arthritis and rheumatism.
3. Chewing parsley keeps your gums healthy and it will freshen your breath if you have been eating garlic.
4. When parsley is used with other herbs it tends to enhance the flavour of other herbs. Italian parsley is more robust than moss curled parsley and it can be added during cooking while the moss curled should only be added at the very end.
5. In the garden, parsley can tell you a lot about your soil. It quickly shows a deficiency of iron with yellow leaves.
6. It is a good companion plant for roses because it attracts the aphids away from the roses. In fact any other plant that is attacked by aphids will benefit being planted near parsley.

Have a beautiful week,
The Ethical team

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Goodbye Louis

We have had a busy and productive start to the year. You may not have heard from us in awhile but we have been scouting the local organic small farms to bring you new and exciting products and ideas.

Goodbye Louis
Last week, the Ethical Co-op lost one of our dear colleagues, Louis Phiri, who passed away last week. He has been off work for the last few months resting in Zimbabwe with his family, and was hopeful of returning soon each time we spoke to him, so it came as a heavy blow to hear the news this week. Some of you might remember when his brother Robson passed away in September 2012. Everyone who has ordered from Ethical has been touched by Louis’s positivity and his energy when he took over as the night shift supervisor, leading the team packing through Tuesday and Wednesday nights before the boxes go out early the following mornings.

NEW Products This Week
Chocolate full cream yoghurt from Camphill Dairy.

Also, be sure not to miss out on our fresh delivery of local seasonal organic Avocados, Naartjies, Sweet Potatoes, Quince and Coriander (Dhania).

There are new plants, seedlings and seeds available this week from SEED, Mitchells Plain and White Mountain, Wolesly in our ‘Home and Garden’ section.

NEW Collection Points
We have opened a few new collection points in the last couple of months: Newlands, Komati Foods in Observatory, Melkbosstrand, Milnerton, Paarl and Wellington. All details are on our website – remember that if your current collection point is closed, or you want to choose a more convenient one, you can change your default collection point by going to “Change details” after logging in.

We are also looking for new collection points in Sea Point and Belleville. If any one knows of a coffee or health shop, deli or, farm stall that would like to host us please let us know.

We have been taking a close look at the feedback we have been receiving. We really value any comments, complaints and queries so keep them coming! It appears some of our customer service queries were being answered late, or not at all. Please accept our apologies if you’ve been affected. We’ve made some changes which should ensure much quicker responses and that nothing slips through the cracks in future. If you still have an unresolved issue, please send it through again and we’ll do our best to sort it out promptly this time!

It’s competition time!
We are looking for catchy, fun, fresh and creative slogans and pictures to brand our new delivery trucks that aligns our ethics and values. The best slogan of the competition will win free weekly veggie boxes for 3 months. Thats right! You heard us! Free veggies!

Re-use and Recycle
We love re-using, so please return egg boxes, punnets, 1 litre and 500ml glass jars and the flattened cardboard boxes, and we’ll put them to good use again.