Synthetic Sea

In the Pacific Ocean there’s an area, 1000 kilometres from the US coast, larger than the entire than the entire land mass of South Africa, covered in plastic. It contains 6 times more plastic than plankton, and is growing all the time as more than 10 million tonnes of plastic finds its way into the sea each year.

See the Greenpeace page, The Trash Vortex, for more information, as well as an animation showing how the plastic spreads and ends up in the giant garbage patch.

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  1. Ethical Co-op » Blog Archive » Slowing down, and the Pacific gyre

    [...] An area larger than the entire land mass of South Africa, 1000 miles from the US coast, is covered in plastic, containing six-times more plastic than plankton. It’s growing all the time. Two in every five albatross chicks born on Midway Island, in the remote Pacific, die, mostly from consuming too much plastic, fed to them by their mothers who collect it from the ocean surface. View a video on this marine garbage dump here. [...]