Welcome 2012

After a much-needed 3 week break, we’re back and raring to go for 2012.

I went to a friend’s farm near Heidelberg for the holidays, and got to experience shopping the old-fashioned way. Driving, queues, and a very, very limited range of greens at the local shops. I am extremely grateful for the wide range of fresh produce we offer, all of it organic or biodynamic, and all delivered to my door.

At the end of last year, our server, my cellphone, my spare cellphone, my laptop, my backup drive and my car (amongst other things!) all decided to wind down a little earlier than planned. I took the hint, and spent most of the holidays completely disconnected from everything. They’re (mostly) all back on track, but I know some messages and emails went missing, so if you are still waiting for a response, please accept our apologies, and let us know how we can help.