Arsenic or organic?

I read recently that the US state of Maryland is banning arsenic from chicken feed. Arsenic? Many internet headlines are misleading or exaggerated, but this one was accurate. Currently, in the US, 70% of broiler chickens are fed arsenic additives. The additives were approved in order to reduce disease in the coops, as well as to give the meat a pleasant pink glow when it sits on supermarket shelves.

Slowly the growing body of evidence of the harmful effects has been gathered and there are moves now to ban it.

It’s indicative of all that’s wrong todays warlike food model. Those working in the conventional food system are trying to fight against the tide, one poisonous ingredient at a time, while new ones are approved ever quicker.

Much more sustainable, the organic model works, is safe for both those producing it and those eating it, and produces enough healthy, arsenic-free food for all.

Trikatu – the digestive enchancer
Trikatu is an ayurvedic blend of herbs (ginger, long pepper and black pepper) used to stimulate and light the digestive fires in particular. Such is its effectiveness in increasing bioavailability it’s even used with some modern medicines to improve absorption. Find it in our wholefood supplement section.

Veggie Box Survey
We were recently approached by a UCT research team working to understand why and how people participate in veg box schemes in order to develop better urban agriculture policies in Cape Town.

Cape Town is one of the few African cities that has an Urban Agriculture Policy Unit, which relies on this kind of research to maximise the benefit of growing food in and around the city of Cape Town.

To provide your valuable feedback please complete the survey

The survey is anonymous, quick and easy to complete, and the information is used for research only.

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