Woman’s Day, Food Prices and Seeds

It’s Woman’s Day on Thursday, and a number of our regular collection points are closed for the holiday, and a number of those that are open have different times. Home deliveries will of course take place as usual. Please make sure you’re aware of any changes to the times – they’re all listed on the website.

Food Prices and Climate Change
With the extreme drought in the US leading to a shortage from the world’s largest maize producer, food prices are skyrocketing, and maize prices are 44% higher in South Africa than they were last year.

With climate change leading to more frequent extreme weather, the time is perfect for organic farming, where the greater biomass and health of the soil means that organic farms, besides a higher nutrient level, also produce higher yields during drought and during wetter seasons.

At a time when conventional farmers should be doing well, the takeover of local seed company Panaar by biotech giant Pioneer (owned by chemical company Du Pont) means that South African farmers could be facing a virtual seed monopoly, with local seed supply almost entirely controlled by Monsanto and Pioneer, leading to a drastic reduction is the variety of seed available, and an increase in prices.

We’re very grateful that there are still small local suppliers producing a wide variety of organic seed, and we offer seeds from Camphill Farm, up the West Coast near Atlantis, Soil for Life in Constantia and Tierhoek Organic near Robertson.

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