How are you being magnificent today?

There is such a strong pattern in the business world of seeing other entities as competitors, of seeing other’s failure as a good thing, an opportunity to profit.

I read a wonderful quote today, which I’ve shortened and paraphrased slightly:

“Imagine a world where we are not in competition with our fellow humans, but where we truly, madly, deeply celebrate when they actualize some part of their sacred purpose. Imagine that. A world where we get excited for each other, where we do not see another’s accomplishments as a reminder of things we have not yet actualized, but as living proof that it is possible for all of us. Lets invite each other higher, lets encourage each other to believe in our shared magnificence!”

How are you being magnificent today?

La Rhine Organic Farm
We say goodbye to La Rhine organic farm this week. They’ve been reliably supplying us with beautiful greens, swiss chard and bright light spinach from our very early days. Hennie and Sally are off to the fertile soils of Zambia this week – we wish them all the best with their new venture.

As one supplier leaves, we welcome another. Rawlean will be supplying us organic sprouted buckwheat from this week. Sprouted and dehydrated , it makes a great addition for a snack pack, or for cereals, salads or soups.

Buckwheat is unrelated to wheat, and contains no gluten, so is much easier on the digestive system. It’s actually not even a grain, being the seed of a fruit, and related to rhubarb and sorrel. It’s very high in manganese as well as magnesium, a co-factor in many enzymes in the body, and commonly deficient in the modern diet.

Be warned though. I went straight for the chilli flavours, and Rawlean is certainly not shy with the chilli!

Have a magnificent week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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