Launch of the blog

This week sees the launch of the Ethical Co-op blog, You’ll find old copies of the opening newsletter, and will also be able to post comments.

A reminder to those of you with an Ubu balance that these should be traded for Talents on the Talent Exchange, You’ll see that Ubus are no longer being displayed on the order form. Don’t forget that we’re offering T1 for returns of the large Camphill glass bottles, and T0.50 for the smaller glass jars. We also appreciate returns of old egg boxes (in good condition) and cardboard boxes.

Bottled water is one the scourges of modern-living. Millions of litres of oil is used to make unnecessary plastic bottles containing a liquid we get from our taps anyway. Tap water is often better-quality than bottled water, and that’s not saying much. One estimate sees 177 million litres of oil used annually in the production of bottled water in the US alone. The production of plastics according to some studies is responsible for more oil use than cars! Plastic is also not a good container for water. They break down with age, and may begin to leach chemicals into whatever they’re storing. There are many different kinds of plastics, all with different characteristics and effects, but they all have in common a certain unwelcome longetivity. They don’t biodegrade, so those plastic bottles we buy now will be around long after we’re gone. A much better bet would be to filter your own tap water, or use a distiller (we have two available in the home care section).

On a different note, children’s vinyl plastic lunchboxes are also under attack, as they’ve been found to contain extremely high levels of lead, a dangerous chemical. Again, there’s been a cover-up, but the truth finally seems to be emerging.

Enjoy the blog, and we hope to see some of your comments.

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  1. R

    Beautiful page! The photo is stunning.

  2. Glen

    I think the Ethical Co-op Blog is a great idea and it looks really good too. I've always enjoyed the co-op email for the interesting organic and seasonal vignettes. So I'll be adding you to my feed and also to urbansprout's growing list of SA Green Bloggers. Cool!

  3. admin

    Thanks for the compliments. To give credit, we're only using a standard Wordpress template.