Kefir and seasonal highs and lows

Kefir and folic acid
You may have noticed we’ve been offering kefir the last few weeks. Kefir is a dairy product similar to yoghurt, and a powerful probiotic. It is cultivated from the starter kefir grains, a combination of bacteria and yeasts. It is extremely high in the live bacteria beneficial for the digestive system, and is more easily tolerated than most dairy, as much of the difficult-to-digest lactose has already been consumed by the bacteria. It usually has a slightly more sour taste than yoghurt.

Kefir also contains high levels of folic acid – the more ripe, or sour the taste, the more folic acid. Folic acid is critical for all sorts of reasons, including growth and cell division, and therefore for children and for pregnant moms.

Folic acid is also found in leafy greens. Although commonly added to vitamin supplements, or breakfast cereals (where it’s splashed across the box, underplaying the refined grain and sugar that make up most of the cereal), supplemented folic acid isn’t absorbed to nearly the same degree as from a live food source.

Highs and lows
Organic farms are living entities, and they too have high and low energy moments. The sudden heat last week impacted some of the produce, and it’s often difficult for farmers to estimate availability when it can be suddenly hot and then suddenly raining. Almost all of the fresh produce you’re buying is still sitting in a field somewhere, so there’s no guarantee it will make it to your box.

Remember, if you’re ever unhappy with any of your order, please contact us for a refund. We receive most of the fresh produce on Wednesday evening, and it goes straight into the boxes, so we usually only quality check the batch, not each product. Feedback helps us to work with the farmer to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Listen to your body
This week’s video features Naturally Organic’s Skye on his vision for healthy and sustainable food. You can view it here.

Connectivity hassles
Many people are reporting connectivity problems today, perhaps due to the infrastructure upgrades in progress. Please make sure that your order confirmation page loads and correctly reflects your full order, and that you receive an order confirmation email. If the confirmation page and email don’t arrive correctly, it means we didn’t receive the order you intended to place.

Dragonfly Farm Goat’s Cheese
There’s very limited stock of our Dragonfly goat’s cheese left this week, as the new baby goats rightfully get the lion’s share, so get your orders in quickly.

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