Blue Sky Olive Farm

Liz Eglington’s Blue Sky is an organic olive farm in the Klein Karoo. Liz has farmed organically since day one, and certified in 2001. The Klein Karoo is quite different to the usual Mediterranean olive environment and Liz has been a pioneer in the area, and helped start the Klein Karoo Organic Initiative, with up to 60 member farms sharing skills and information.

There are new Blue Sky olive products available this week, including a smoked olive tapenade to add to the regular basil and chilli varieties. Tapenade is essentially a pureed or finely chopped olive dish, often eaten as an hors d’œuvre or spread on bread, or in my case, oatcakes.

There are also smoked olives, and dried Manzanilla and Mission olives to add to the mix, while Liz’s olive mixes, olive marmalade, olive leaf tea, olive chutney and popular olive oil are all still available.

Website Tip
We aim to share as much information as possible about our offerings, and you can click on the “More Info” button to see detailed product information, including ingredients, certification details and best-by dates.

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Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team