Slow manifestation

A few weeks ago, it seemed that there had been relatively few price increases, and even some decreases, this year, in contrast to the dramatic food inflation of last year.

And then everyone made plans to put up their prices up at the end of the financial year.

To make sure your mixed box still lives up to its promise, with the large box providing enough for 3-4, and the small box for 1-2 people, we’ve had to increase their prices as well. The small box is now R100, and the large box R155. They’re still excellent value for money, containing approximately R110 and R167 worth of produce.

Public Holiday
Remember that Thursday is Human Rights Day, so not all collection points will be open. If you want delivery, please make sure someone is at your premises to receive the order when it arrives. As always, you can adjust or cancel your order up until 2pm on Tuesday.

Tomato Sauce
Many years ago in our appearance on Free Spirit, I mentioned that one of our aims is to encourage the local production of organic food, and specifically used tomato sauce as an example. It’s taken a little longer to manifest than I’d hoped, but we finally have a local, organic tomato sauce to offer. This is not a commercial tomato sauce, made from sugar and tomato paste (in that order!), but a mild tomato sauce using some of our own fresh tomatoes. Please send feedback on the recipe, as Tania is still experimenting.

Tania’s Voluptuous is also offering a corn and pepper relish, ratatouille chutney and a butternut chutney.

Egg Boxes
We love re-using, so please return eggboxes, punnets, 1 litre and 500ml glass jars and the cardboard boxes, and we’ll put them to good use again.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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