My sweet satsuma

With the changing of the seasons, new produce is starting to appear in the fields and on the trees. I once did a ten-day detox eating almost nothing but satsumas, and on the eleventh day was still wolfing them down, so I’m very pleased to see them back. There’s also fresh tumeric, radishes, avocado, sweet potatoes, mange tout and watercress rounding out the recent fresh arrivals.

Goldberry’s Wendy Crawford and Andrew Maclachlan are both seasoned farmers with years of experience in organic and biodynamic farming. They’ve been assisting the landowners of a fruit farm in the Klein Karoo to move to organic, and have produced a batch of fruit concentrates made only from spring water steamed slowly through the organic fruit. There are peach, pear, hanepoort grape and two varieties of plum available to try.

Restoring Grasslands
In this week’s video, Allan Savory discusses how to reverse desertification in grasslands. He once promoted culling, but now realised what a tragic mistake this was, and his more recent methods are quite different. View it at

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