Water bottles with taps

We have a new batch of water bottles to use for the Newlands Spring delivery service, and these come with an optional tap. The taps are only available with a new bottle. The water bottles we use to carry the precious spring water are all type 2 plastic, which are the best plastic to use for water, with none of the risks associated with most plastic water bottles.

When you buy a bottle it is new and has never been used by anyone else. When you return it for refill, it still belongs to you and is used by you exclusively, and you are responsible for keeping it clean.

We’ve noticed some older returned bottles with mould on them. Mould in water can have risks, so you don’t want to drink water from a bottle with any green inside. The best suggestion is to prevent the bottles going green at all by keeping them away from sunlight at all times. Once the water is used, empty the bottle carefully and leave it with the top off so that it can thoroughly dry. If the bottle does go green, I can’t recommend any solutions personally, but I have heard that vinegar (5% dilution) works. Others have suggested bleach, but I don’t think you want this anywhere near your drinking water! If you know of a safe and effective cleaning method, please let us know in the comments below.

If you want us to refill weekly for you, we need to have your returned bottles in our warehouse by Tuesday afternoon. The logistics of this is specific to how you order, so please ask us for details, but generally you will need two to three weeks supply of bottles.

We also love to re-use the cardboard boxes, 1 litre and 500ml glass bottles and egg boxes, so please return these too if you can.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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