Bringing the journey to an end

This is a short announcement that the Ethical Co-op, after nine years of trading, is closing. We began in 2005 and over the years the original members have all left. I was the last one still involved.

I haven’t been closely involved recently, and decided to step away. With no one else in a position to keep things running, I have chosen to close the Ethical Co-op.

It’s sad news for the staff, some of whom have been involved for many years, or who only work for Ethical a few days a week. It’s sad as well for the farmers and suppliers that we’ve supported, many of whom rely heavily on Ethical. If anyone knows of any opportunities for some excellent warehouse staff I can highly recommend, please let me know.

It’s a different world to when we started. At that time there was very little organic produce available, and one of the reasons for our foundation was so that we could get the best food brought to us rather than us each driving all around to track it down. Now, much of the products we offer are widely available elsewhere, from many different sources.

So, it’s time to bring the journey to an end. There’ll be more details for suppliers that we owe, or customers with credits, as we sort out the closing finances, but please have patience, as it will take some time to go through everything.

Thanks everyone for all the support over the years, and wishing you all a thriving future full of healthy and ethical food.

With love,

Comments ( 7 )

  1. Mariza

    this is a sad day for us who, being somewhat off the beaten track, will have to treck out all the way to Cape Town now. Thanks!! you were brilliant! Mariza

  2. Karla

    Oh, this is very sad news indeed. We live in Melkbos and after 7 years as members, we have only recently gotten a collection point in town. We will miss the Ethical Co-op, particularly as, throughout the seasons, we have grown used to picking our favourite producers - which made us feel closer to the producers. This business was a brilliant, brilliant idea and we were so fortunate in having the opportunity of being part of it. I'm still wishing/hoping that someone else will take over? Thank you Ian, and all other members of staff, past and present, for your hard work and enthusiasm.

  3. Rosie

    I haven't used The Ethical Co-op but have always admired them. It seems it played a big role in promoting healthy food. Might Harvest of Hope be a good alternative to vege buyers. Their boxes are delicious.

  4. Briar

    Dear Ian, This is tragic news indeed. I have been with you almost from the beginning. I now live in McGregor and have been able to get produce once a month via Bloublommetjieskloof in Wellington who is a depot - the farmer comes through to McGregor once a month. I have always highly appreciated your service. Strangely enough it is almost impossible to get organic produce out here in the country ... I wish you every success as you go about closing - but I have to say that I feel quite panicky about what I will do now! With gratitude and kind regards, Briar

  5. Alan

    Ian You have my e-mail address. May we discuss this development at your earliest convenience? I have also sent you a mail on your customer liaison address. Thank you.

  6. Gwen

    Dear Ian and All of you hard-working Team at Ethical - you are all Heros! I appreciate what incredible dedication and hard work it has taken to keep this wonderful ship afloat. Thank you for bringing it this far. Ethical Co-op represents so much to me... Easy access to organic food Support to the small-scale farmers and producers who need it most, and who are performing such a valuable role True dedication to the environment - a clever delivery model that minimizes fuel usage, minimized, re-used packaging, as can be found Nowhere else, efficient office paper usage, careful selection of products that are truly environmentally friendly Minimal food wastage Vibrant, fresh produce A box of Joy every Thursday! The news that you are closing comes as a blow, as much as I understand the pressures for doing it. I pray that it can be picked up and taken further. Ethical Co-op is a beacon of vibrant Goodness, we need more of those in this world!

  7. Grace

    Really sorry to see you close. What a loss for everyone.