Ethical Co-Op Meeting

As you will be aware the Ethical Co-Op has recently faced a few challenges and has subsequently undergone a change in management. We have been overwhelmed by offers of support and we are also aware that changes also provide new opportunities. For this reason we are calling a meeting of everyone involved in the co-op from supporters and customers to staff and activists.

We are calling the meeting both in response to your generous offers of assistance but also with the vision of taking this opportunity to build a more collective and participatory ownership of a more sustainable co-op.

The meeting will be held on Saturday the 14th June 2014 from 10h30 – 14h30 at the EMG Office, 10 Nuttal Road, Observatory, Cape Town.

The venue is not a big space so please RSVP by Monday the 9th of June so that if there is a big response we will have time to organise another venue.

1. Welcome and Introduction – Anique van der Vlugt
2. Additions and acceptance of the Agenda
3. Ethical Co-op requirements
a. Practical and Operational
b. Governance and Management
4. Any Other business
5. Close

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their support through this challenging time. We are looking forward to meeting with everyone and developing with all our stakeholders a new dynamic and prosperous Ethical Co-op.

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