Food Storage & Food Wastage

We came across something inspiring the other day. Britain’s biggest supermarket, Tesco, are working together with FareShare to donate thousands of tonnes of food wastage to charity. Using the FoodCloud app they can indicate to charities how much food they have to give away at the end of each day. The charities then simply confirm they want the item, pick it up and distribute to those who need it. France has also just signed legislation which bans supermarkets from throwing away food in favour of handing it to charities or for animal feed.

It got us thinking about what ways we can inspire ourselves and our customers to prevent food wastage and improve our consciousness when it comes to buying and keeping food at home.

In South Africa up to one third of food produced goes to waste! More than 11 million South African’s are living without food security. During our research we stumbled across FoodBank South Africa, a registered, non-profit organisation that runs in a similar fashion to FoodShare. If you want to donate, help out or apply to benefit have a look at

In the meantime here are some great resources to get you thinking about your own practises at home:

We would also like to hear from you!

Would you purchase fresh goods through our website to distribute to those in need? How much would you be willing to spend? Should we give you an option to purchase soup kits for food shelters? Do any of you know of organisations that could benefit from fresh organic produce? Would you prefer to donate cash? We would love to brainstorm with you. Please email us at

In other news Cape town is all abuzzzz with the our first PGS certification that took place this weekend. Check out some of the pics here


Make sure you sign up for our next big adventure with Eric Swarts on Saturday August 29, 2015.  Here is your facebook invite!  Please email: to RSVP and get the directions. Our 3 peer review farmers are Francois Malan and Brian Joffin, and Paul Barker.

“I want to be able to sleep at night. I want to know that the food I’m selling people is going to help their health, not make them sick.”- Eric Swarts


* Certified (Demeter) biodynamic Parsley & Celery Herb Salts (raw rock salt – finely ground), Watercress, fresh herbs: Yarrow, Sorrel, Coriander, Mint, Wild Sage, Wild Rosemary from Bloublommetjieskloof Farm
* Non-certified organic Sugar Snap Peas from White Mountain
* Non-certified organic Garden Peas, Lettuce Packs, baby Leeks, Spring Onions from Eric Swarts
* Non-certified organic Chinese Cabbage, green Curly Kale, BULK Siberian Kale, Curly Kale packs from Beacon Farm Garden and
* Certified organic Savoy Cabbage from NaturallyO
* Non-certified organic Covo Kale from SEED, Mitchell’s Plain. Seedlings: Beetroot, Spinach, Giant Rape, Spring Onion.
Plants: Brown sage, Cotton Lavender, Strawberry, Viola, Rosemary, Bamboo, Wilfried Rosemary, Cape Gooseberry, Vetiver, Comfrey, Silver Oak

Sadly still no avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes or baby marrows for the next couple of weeks.

Stay warm!


The Ethical Team