Journey to Wild Divine, organic sugar

This week week we offer a new product that’s a little different. A computer game. For some the term may conjure up dystopian visions of massacring alien hordes, but not this game. Called ‘The Journey to Wild Divine’, it comes equipped with sensors that track your body’s heart rate variability and skin conductance, and in the course of performing game tasks such as juggling balls, lighting a fire or levitating a person with your mind, you’ll learn breathing and meditation skills that will help you reduce stress and increase your physical and mental health.

We recently received a query about non-organic sugar in some of our preserves and jams. We contacted our suppliers, and happily can report that the next batch of both Camphill Farm and Elgin Organics preserves will use organic sugar. All stock should be converted by the end of the year. In the meantime we’re updating our labelling to reflect this.

News from Camphill Dairy is that they’re discontinuing their carob yoghurt. They’ve noted that the carob, over time, is affecting the quality of the yoghurt. We’ve only got four left, so you’ll need to order quickly to get some. If you do miss out, why not order a plain yoghurt and mix in a small amount of Rapunzel’s organic carob powder when serving. Though you’ll have to move quickly on these too. Camphill have also reported that they’re aware of the problems with some of their other yoghurts. It’s apparently a seasonal issue, and they apologise to those who were disappointed. Any affected customers will be credited.

We’ve also received some queries about how credits work, and what happens if an item you ordered is not delivered. This can happen quite frequently, as many of our goods are delivered fresh from the farm based upon our orders, and all sorts of natural and unnatural things can happen to prevent everything from getting to us. We will credit you for anything not delivered, and the amount will come off your account balance, meaning you can pay less for your next order. You can always click to view your full statement just below the menu on your order form, so you’ll know exactly where you stand at any time.

A reminder about the markets, from 9am on Saturdays:

* City: Vanilla Café, 117 Hatfield Road
* Hout Bay: Library Foyer
* Noordhoek: Garden Emporium, Chapmans Peak drive

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