A barrage of chutney

We have a large number of new (and returning favourites) on offer this week, so it’s worth spending some time browsing the list.
Rice and dhal is one of my personal favourite meals, though this does seem to be a minority view! Nothing beats a home-made chutney to add to the mix, but I was excited to see a new range of ready-made chutneys this week for when I’m feeling lazy. From Camphill, there’s Apricot, Guava, Hot Marrow, Melon Marrow, Spicy Fruit and Tangy Fruit. Mystic Chilli’s Coriander and Chilli chutney also makes a welcome return.

Sticking to the rice and dhal theme, Earth Products’ organic turmeric powder is available again. The powder, which is ground from a root similar to ginger, is a naturally bright yellow colour, and is frequently used as food colouring. We assure you it’s nothing like Sudan Red, the toxic chemical that seems to be so prevalent in our foods at present. The body of western research into the benefits of turmeric is growing (particularly into its effects on cancer), although it’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. It has a bitter, astringent taste, and one of the principles of Ayurvedic medicine is to balance the tastes. Most of us consume far too much sweet food, and far too little bitter and astringent food, tastes which have somehow become associated with unpleasant.
Greenaway’s herbal ointments are available again too. Some of our customers have reported great results with these, and you only need a tiny amount.  As with all of our products, you can click on the product name on the order form to get more information, including an ingredient list, and sometimes a picture. Those of you with popup blockers may have to disable your blocker for our site.

If you’re struggling to sleep under the high-pitched assault of bloodsucking mosquitos, Meadowsweet’s anti-mosquito oil, made from citronella and geranium, may be just what you need. There are also a large range of other oils and teas from Meadowsweet.

Please remember to return those cardboard boxes, netting and glass jars. You can claim 1 Talent for each large Camphill jar, and T0.5 for each small Camphill jar you return. We’re also looking for cooking oil, as our biodiesel supplier is running dry, so if you have at least 1 litre of cooking oil left over, please pass it on.
Finally, we’re looking for people passionate about organics, and with wonderful customer service skills to help us as distributors, particularly for the Northern suburbs. If you know of anyone you think will be suitable, please put them in contact with us.

To order, go to www.ethical.org.za. You can comment on our blog, http://blog.ethical.org.za
The Co-op team