Apricots, plums and backyard gardens


Summer is well and truly here, and that means it’s apricot season. Tierhoek farm, enclosed by the Langeberg mountains to the north and its foothills to the south, is certified organic by SGS, and is supplying us with apricots.

They started by certifying 15 hectares of the youngest orchards, and in 2006 the remainder of the farm gained organic in-conversion status, after being farmed according to organic principles for 18 months before that.


It’s also the beginning of the plum season. Over 2000 plum varieties exist, coming in a panorama of colours, and the Pioneer, a red variety, heralds the start of the season. They’re picked green, but very quickly turn red, and then dark red, and are best eaten when there’s no green showing. This applies to almost all fruit – the riper the fruit, even to the point of spoilage, the higher the antioxidant levels.

Plums have a similar nutritional profile to apricots. They’re very high in Vitamin C, and help increase the body’s absorption of iron. They’re also a good source of potassium, vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, and vitamin B2.

This week we’re offering Pioneer plums from Esperance, a farm certified by BCS and found in the Riversonderend mountains.

Mixed Boxes

All going according to plan, the mixed boxes will have both apricots and plums this week. Remember that you can always see a forecast for what will appear in the week’s boxes by clicking on it to get more information.

Video – An experiment in backyard sustainability

This week’s video features American Scott Maguire, looking at suburban gardening, with a particular focus on what can be done quickly, for the benefit of those renting as well as those who own their own homes. View it here.

Site closing over December and January

As always, we’ll be closing over the festive season for a well-earned rest. Our last delivery of the year will be on December 18, and our first delivery of the new year will be on January 15th. So this is the 2nd last ordering cycle of the year – don’t forget to stock up on those non-perishables!

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