Last chance

For Cape Town customers, it’s the very last ordering cycle before we close for the holidays. So if you plan to go ballistic on the bulgar, or manic on the millet this festive season, make sure you order enough to last until next year. We will start taking Cape Town orders again on the 8th of January, with the first delivery being the 15th January.

Greener toys

The greenest of toys, and in my experience the most fun, would be a branch and some leaves from the garden, or the cardboard box we deliver your veggies in. Is it a boat? A treasure chest? A stage for a puppet show? But, if you’re not sure of the reception this sort of gift would get, there are some options that are slightly greener than the norm. We’re offering a range of Green Shop goodies, including various toys using solar and windup technology, a windup shaver, a solar charger, solar floodlights and a recycling aid for crushing cans and plastic. And don’t forget the windup torches and lanterns, as well as the incense, lurking down in the ‘other’ section.

Summer heat

On the food side, we’ve unfortunately had to remove some of the more perishable items from the site. Although those who picked up foods such as strawberries and apricots on Wednesday tended to be very happy, they weren’t looking so good after sitting in a collection point or delivery vehicle much of Thursday. It’s a combination of the summer heat, and the accident to our truck, meaning that goods were getting hotter en route in the alternative transport, and not lasting as long.

Our apologies to everyone affected. We’re trying our best to improve the quality, but our truck will only be back in action next year. As always, if anything is not up to scratch, please let us know, and we’ll credit you.

Tension, and a thank you

Although it should be a time of rest and relaxation, there’s usually more tension to be felt this time of the year. Roads and shops are crowded (someone once told us this was the one time of the year she really would like to order from us, and we’re closed!), expectations become a burden, and the shadow side of the material is strong. Spend and be happy is the mantra more so now than at any other time of the year.

We hope that you resist the lure, and wish everyone an enlightening festive season.

A big thank you to everyone sharing this journey with us, and helping to make a positive contribution to yourselves, those around you, and the planet itself.

The Co-op team.

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