Welcome back, and Foxenburg awards

Welcome back after the long weekend. We hope that you, like many of us, had a rejuvenating break.

A reminder that the Vondis pet food is back again this week. Since it’s only available every second week, you should stock up if you don’t want your pets to get caught short before then.

Congratulations to Foxenburg, who did extremely well in the 2007 South African Dairy Championships. Their Shepherd’s cheese won 3rd place in the Goats Milk Hard Cheese category, and their Gouda and Asiago won 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Goats Milk – Semi Hard Cheese category. All but their Asiago, as well as a whole range of other goats cheeses are available.

We also have other goats cheeses and products from Zeekoegat, and Cloud Cottage, so dairy-lovers are well-catered for.

Unlike most commercial dairy animals, the Foxenburg goats will shortly have the luxury of 3 month’s maternity leave. That means there’s only about 3 weeks supply of goats milk left. If you wish to have goats milk beyond then, you’ll need to order more, and freeze.

We have a new collection point available for Muizenberg customers. It’s Creeds, Shop B5, Steenberg Village, Reddam House, Tokai. This may not be ideal for all Muizenberg customers, as it’s further away than our previous collection point. Please contact Jessica Collins, the Muizenberg distributer, at 078-502-5356 if you’d like to collect from an alternative venue.

We often get requests to collect from an alternative venue. We know the new shop in Tokai will appeal to Southern Suburbs customers living in the southern part of that region. We’ll soon add the facility for customers to choose any of our collection points when they order, which we hope will make everyone’s life that much easier. For now, please collect as usual from the designated supply point for your region.

After the public holidays of last week there’s a whole range of new and returning this week, so the Featured & New category is chock-o-block. Some of these include Prime Directive, a powerful probiotic, barley grass and wheat grass powder, ‘green power’, a blend of barley grass, wheat grass, alfafa and sea vegetables, and medicinal mushrooms. Returning favourites include tortilla chips, tahini, oyster mushrooms, carrot juice, cereals from Organic Matters, and Jamaka mango products.

All-in-all we have a huge range of mostly organic and biodynamic products. We know the order form looks overwhelming when it loads up, but do take your time browsing – it’s worth it!

You can place your order at www.ethical.org.za

The Co-op team