Winter fruits

With winter moving in, it’s time to start looking at some of those winter foods.

Oats are a fantastic breakfast food. Unlike your typical, high-sugar cereal, which releases its energy in a spurt, resulting in a slump around lunch time, oats are a low glycaemic index (GI) food, releasing their energy slowly, so they keep feeding you for longer. This also means they’re great for people watching their weight.

We have rolled oats (1kg and 500g) from Organic Alive, as well as 750g from Wensleydale, and 500g small-leafed flakes from Earthmother Organics. There are all available in the breakfast section.

The winter fruits are in full cry. Apples and pears are of course the old favourites. We have a number of apple varieties from Elgin Organics. Braeburn, which is red, with a sweet-tart taste, Golden Delicious, yellow and sweet, with a rich, mellow flavour, and a good all-round cooking apple, and Ruby Gala, red, with a fragrant and sweet taste. As for pears, also from Elgin we have Packham’s Triumph (green-yellow and juicy, with a rich musk flavour) and Bon Rouge, a red variety which originated in South Africa, which are softer and smaller than the Packham’s.

Guavas are most well-known as a winter fruit by those of us lucky enough to have trees, but they’re much more commonly found in the shops these days. Guavas have unusually high calcium for a fruit, good for growing children, as well as around five times more vitamin C than an orange. They’re also believed to help diabetics reduce their sugar count. Not many know that they’re an integral part of braais in Cuba, where the leaves are used to give the food a rich, smoky flavour.

We have 500g packs (of the fruit, not the leaves!) from Bloublommetjies, and 1kg packs from Camphill.

Don’t forget it’s Vondis pet food week. My cats, after a few days of turning up their noses and grumbling, now wolf it down every day. Proof that pets too don’t need flavourants and other gunk in their food.

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