A satsuma by any other name

You can fix all the world’s problems with a garden

With so many of us despondent, fed a diet of bad news by the media and those around us, good news can make a welcome change. And the world abounds with great news, if we just open our eyes and ears.

This week’s video is a wonderful demonstration of making the impossible possible. The area around the Dead Sea, bordering Jordan and Israel, has little rainfall, 50 degree temperatures in summer, and parched, highly salinated soil. Watch Geoff Lawton demonstrate how to turn it into a flourishing green garden using permaculture principles.

Autumn satsumas

One of my favourite fruits, and a sure sign autumn is here, are satsumas, also called naartjies, mandarins, tangerines or mikans. And sometimes, just to confuse things, satsuma tangerines, satsuma oranges, or satsuma mandarins. I haven’t yet seen any marketed as mikan naartjies, or tangerine mikans, but perhaps it’s only a matter of time. Even more confusingly, there are a host of citrus species that share the terms, so a satsuma that’s a citrus unshiu may be identical to a citrus unshui tangerine, but different to a satsuma that’s a citrus nobilis. The word most commonly used in South Africa, naartjie, comes from the Tamil word nartei, meaning citrus.

Confusing as it all is, I love them. As part of a detox last year, there were days where I ate nothing but one kind of fruit. Many people I met were sympathetic, feeling I was depriving myself horribly. Instead, the days I spend eating nothing but satsumas were some of the most blissful I’ve experienced.

There’s a persistent myth that citrus peels shouldn’t be put in compost, but in practice they work well, especially if cut or broken into small pieces.

Looking for a warehouse co-ordinator, distributors and collection points.

We’re still looking for an energised warehouse co-ordinator to lovingly ensure all our boxes are packed and ready to go on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays. See the full description here.

We’re also always looking for more collection points, and more distributors.

Green Shop

A reminder that it’s Green Shop week. We offer their products once a month, since we prefer to keep our truck parked in the shade, and doing one large monthly order, rather than burning fuel collecting a small order each week. There are toys, solar chargers, solar lights and more available. As always, click on the product for more information.

To order, go to www.ethical.org.za.

Have a great week, and enjoy the time out from the bright city lights during Earth Hour this Saturday at 20h30,
the Co-op team

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  1. Organic Eating Daily

    I'd never heard of these fruits, but the word itself, strangely enough, did sound familiar. Great write-up on satsumas, I'm going to the market this week to find one!