Probiotics, digestion, and product information

The eagle-eyed may have noticed a number of new products added to the site recently.

One of these is the 150g Prime Directive, a certified organic mix of 22 wholefoods (which means no extracts or synthetic chemical ‘vitamins’). It’s a probiotic containing robust lactobacilli derived from certified organic fruits and vegetable (in the manufacturers opinion, the only such product), all of which means its great for the digestive system. It can also be added to smoothies, juice, water, or even to a bread recipe.

Antibiotics, stress, alcohol and many food additives kill the organisms that live in our digestive tracts, helping to absorb the food we eat, which is why so many of us suffer from digestive problems. As any good nutritionist will tell you, ‘you are what you eat’ is wrong, ‘you are what you digest’ is much closer to the truth! Which is why lactobacilli, which are extremely acidic, both aiding digestion, and inhibiting harmful bacterial growth, are so important.

The product is pricy at R326 for 150g, but the reports we’ve been hearing from those using it have been good!

Other new products include wheat grass and barley grass powders, ‘green power’ (a blend containing wheat, barley and alfafa grass, as well as sea vegetables and chlorella), and a blend of six medicinal mushrooms. Don’t forget you can click on the product names on the order form for more detailed information.

While many of us have seen fresh wheatgrass, it’s unlikely we’ve seen that of the best quality! The best quality fresh wheatgrass is not the quick-growing kind normally found here. It should grow slowly through the winter in its cold natural climate of Kansas. It has a dark green colour, and contains much more nutrients than the pale, quickly-grown kind we may be familiar with. But since we’re unlikely to see top-quality fresh wheagrass here, enjoy the locally-grown fresh or the dried varieties where you can.

Many of you have been disappointed by the quality (or quantity) of the extra information available for products when you click on the name. This is a priority for us, and we’re working on improving the descriptions, as well as adding new information. You’ll already notice that about 200 of our products have been labelled with the place of origin. It’s an important part of our principles that this information is available. We’re committed to sourcing as much locally as possible, but some goods are imported, and this is now clearly marked for many of our products. Labelling can be ‘Cape Town’, ‘Western Cape’, another South African province, or the country of origin. We aim to have pictures, clear and useful descriptions, and as much information as possible for all of our available products. Many also have web site URL’s where you can look for even more information.

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