The gravy’s on us

It’s Vondis pet food week again (we only offer them every second week), and this week we’re running a promotion on a new product. It’s a Vondis gravy, for pouring over the food, and for every 2 packs of 5 frozen dog or cat food that you order, you’ll get a free gravy. It’s ideal for weaning pets used to the flavourants in commercial food onto a healthy Vondis diet. And of course, it’s healthy in its own right, and great for boosting your four-legged’s mineral and vitamin intake.

With winter upon us, it may be tempting to curl up at home, but there are some worthwhile reasons to get out. The Labia is showing a documentary on Cuba’s transition to organic agriculture, renewable energy, and large-scale mass transit. After subsidies from the Soviet Union dried up, Cuba faced a collapse in imports of oil and food, in effect a ‘peak oil’ event that many are predicting is inevitable for the rest of us in our lifetimes. It’s entitled ‘The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil’. It’s showing on Sunday 3 June at 6.15pm, on Monday 4 June at 8:30pm and on Tuesday 5 June at 8:30pm.

Then there’s ‘The Good, Bad and Ugly of Packaging’, an informal talk looking at packaging, taking climate change and the growing waste problem into account, and at how, even though we complain about there being too much packaging, we are very much part of the problem. Tom McLaughlin, a technical manager from Woolworths Foods and an Honorary Life member of the Packaging Institute of SA will be presenting by what all accounts is an excellent talk. It’s at the Footprints environmental centre (corner of Camp and St. John’s Road, Wynberg) on the 6th June 3pm to 4pm. For further information please contact Michelle at 021 7945586 or Rodney at 021 4622040.

A reminder that we’d love to encourage recycling. Not only are you reducing waste, but we pay 1 Talent for the large Camphill glass bottles, and 0.5 Talents for the small Camphill glass bottles and Bloublommetjies honey jars. Feel free to return the cardboard boxes, egg boxes and fruit nets (untorn preferably!), as we re-use all of these.

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