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As of December, we’re changing our delivery day to Thursdays. We’re doing this mainly because the frenzied late-night packing on Tuesdays is becoming unsustainable for our small, part-time staff. We hope that the change will enable us to deliver a better service to you. Everything else will stay the same. The site will still open for ordering late on a Thursday night, and still close on a Monday, but we’ll now have an extra day to take delivery from our suppliers, and to pack your boxes. There will be two more deliveries on a Wednesday (22 Nov and 29 Nov), before the first Thursday delivery on 7 December.

One of the joys of being involved in the Ethical Co-op is the number of passionate, committed people I come across, who share a similar vision. It fills me with optimism to meet and interact with so many wonderful people. Many are involved in complementary projects, whether it’s green architecture, community gardens, sustainable economics, community currencies, or even implementing a similar model to the co-op itself. It’s pleasing to see that old business models of competition are being replaced with the idea of co-operation, where the vision is of greater importance than individual egos or entities, or any false notions of ‘winning’. We’re excited to meet and potentially work with other organisations who share our vision.

One of our members recently expressed his unhappiness with the imported products on the site, which he sees as unsustainable. We agree totally! With the inevitability of a huge increase in the oil price, and reduced availability of oil (whether next year or in twenty years time), it’s imperative that food be produced locally, and free of expensive chemical inputs that need to be shipped in. Farms that adjust in time will be well-set to reap the benefits. So once again we encourage South African farms and smallholdings to switch to organic, and help meet the soaring demand. There was recently a suggestion made in South Africa that GM products be marketed for export as ‘certified pesticide free’. Backward thinking like this, encouraged by the international producers of GM foods is clearly not the way to go. GM seeds bind their buyers to international multinationals, and cannot be economically sustainable. What’s needed now is the opposite – food security to be sustained with local inputs.

New on the site this week is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. All those questions our admin staff are continually answering, such as ‘why are you called the Ethical Co-op?’, and ‘where the bleep are my veggies?’ are now answered on the site. Just follow the link at the top of the page.

The Ethical Co-op will be selling a limited number of goods at this week’s Talent Exchange market in Kalk Bay. For those of you unfamiliar with the Talent Exchange, I’d describe it as ‘an Ethical Currency’. No rands welcome! For more information, and for details of the Saturday market, have a look at their informative website – The Ethical co-op was partly born out of the Talent Exchange, and we hope to see much closer integration in future.

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