Complementary pet food and the collapse of the bees

Unfortunately with the word ‘organic’ becoming associated with big money, rather than the love for earth that initiated the idea, there has been a watering down of organic standards, especially in the United States.

For example, the USDA has approved a proposal (at least in the interim) allowing 38 new non-organic ingredients to be allowed in products bearing the “USDA Organic” seal. The proposal will allow organic beer to be sold without any organic hops at all, or certain other products to contain intestines from factory farmed animals raised on chemically grown feed, synthetic hormones, slaughterhouse waste, and antibiotics.

As always, the best way to approach this is to keep yourself informed, and don’t hand over your authority to anyone, not even the organic authorities!

We’re doing the best we can to ensure you have all the information you need when choosing your products. This week we’ve just added a whole lot of pictures, but there’s still lots to do ensure blanket coverage, and improve the descriptions.

This week Vondis are offering a single complementary packet of either the dog biscuits or the catnip crunchies to customers who order either dog food or cat food.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the collapse amongst bee colonies, particularly in the US. Ongoing research into this potentially catastrophic occurrence hasn’t managed to finger a single cause. However, organic hives seem to have been unaffected, adding to the speculation that it’s a combination of pesticides, genetically modified crops, and moving colonies over long distances that’s exacerbating the deaths.

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