Soya and genetic modification

Soya is one of the crops that, worldwide, is most commonly genetically-modified. The vast majority of US soya is genetically-modified, and US corporate interests are doing their best to aggressively expand their markets. They’re preparing an international lawsuit against the European Union, which protects and informs its consumers by requiring labelling and pre-market safety and environmental testing of genetically modified products. They’re also pulling out all the stops by wooing the influential Vatican to support GM foods.

South Africa unfortunately does not require labelling, and most products containing soya (which includes surprising everyday products such as bread and chocolate) almost certainly contain genetically-modified organisms. The best bet is to insist on certified organic soya products. Of course we have some for you! This week we’re offering certified organic smoked and plain tofu (which is a soy product), from Delmar Organics.

Who can believe it’s only 6 weeks till Christmas? Organic Alive is offering a range of Christmas cakes, biscuits and mince pies (don’t be misled, they don’t contain meat!). Please note though that there is a lead time of 1 to 2 weeks on the Christmas cakes, so they probably won’t be delivered with this week’s order. You won’t be credited for them, but they will be delivered with your next order.

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