Supply and demand

We recently got a mention in Garden & Home and Country Life magazines, leading to a surge in orders, and some late nights for our staff. The demand for organic food is clearly there, and unfortunately it outstrips the available supply. Those few local farms, who made the transition before the demand was there, are now reaping the rewards for their vision.

A case in point of supply not meeting demand is the shiitake mushrooms we’re offering this week (and I’m probably exacerbating the situation by writing about it). Mushrooms are frequently described as a vegetable, but they’re actually fungi, and have no roots, leaves, flowers or seeds. Shiitake mushrooms are a particularly flavourful variety, and are a very good source of iron, as well as a good source of protein (with a good balance of amino acids), vitamin C and fibre. There’s also interesting research investigating their effectiveness in reducing tumours, allergies, thrombosis and arthritis, amongst other things. These will undoubtedly be sold out well before Monday’s closing, so you’ll have to order quickly if you’d like to get your hands on these delicacies.

I was looking into research on pesticide and toxicity levels in conventional chemically-grown foods, and apples are one of the more notorious foods for pesticide exposure. We’re fortunate enough to have Elgin Organics supplying us with Golden Delicious and Granny Smith variety apples (the Star King are no longer available), as well as some fantastic apple juice, all certified organic and pesticide-free.

We’re offering a new range of organic orange juice this week. It’s imported from a country that’s a world leader in organic farming, and one South Africa can certainly learn from, Brazil. Hopefully we’ll be able to source some local organic orange juice soon!

Finally, please remember to reference your payments with your full name (the same name you’ve registered the account with). Every day we get payments referenced with ‘Ethical’, the name of a spouse or partner, or even a phone number, and our accounts department struggles to match these up. If a payment hasn’t been recorded on your statement within three or four days, please let us know. Also please note that the correct email address to use for account queries (and proof of payments) is Some of you are still mailing people who haven’t been with us for months!

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