Basil, the king of herbs

After the mention last week of the benefits of raw honey, I was pleased to find out that this week we can offer a new honey supplier to complement our existing offering – Kleinjongenskraal. They’re supplying raw honey from their farm in Citrusdal, as well as raw honey with the comb.

The basil pesto is proving popular, but how many of you know the remarkable story of the herb behind it all? Legend has it that it grew above the spot St. Constantine and Helen discovered the Holy Cross. Its name comes from the Greek word basileus, meaning king, and is still referred to as the king of herbs for this reason. In Italy basil was seen as a symbol of love, and in India as an icon of hospitality. But it’s not just a folktale. It’s a highly nutritious herb too, with excellent quantities of vitamin K, and very good quanities of iron, calcium and vitamin A. The oils in basil are purported to protect against many pathogens, including one that’s a common cause of diarrhea, and some of which are showing resistance to commonly-used antibiotics.

We’d like to remind you too that the available products change throughout the period the site is open. There are usually items available on Friday that sell out quickly, and sometimes (as we hope will be the case this week), there’ll be more goods added to the site when they arrive. You can login as many times as you want until the site closes on Monday – your old order will always appear, and you can make any changes you like to it.

Please note that there’s no Saturday Noordhoek market this week. Instead it’s the Noordhoek Country Fair on Sunday. This is always a great event and bound to have a great range of organic products on offer, so do pay it a visit if you’re in the area.

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