Closed this week

It’s been one of those weeks where finding good news has been a little more challenging than usual. To start with, we’ll be closed for orders for Cape Town delivery until next week. There will be no deliveries on Wednesday 2 or Thursday 3rd of September due to the taxi strike. We’ll be open as always with a limited range for couriered orders countrywide, and will open again for Cape Town orders the week after that.

GM Grapevines approved

In spite of strong opposition, government has approved an application by the University of Stellenbosch for field trials for genetically-modified grapevines. The approved grapevines are supposedly to allow the use of less pesticides. There was a huge outcry from wine farmers at the time of the initial application in 2006, as GM materials are banned in wine sold for European consumption, where much of South Africa’s wine goes. Asked why they wanted to produce GM grapes when they could not be used in winemaking, the response of the head of the GM grape project at Stellenbosch University was “It’s banned now, but that might change.” Approval has been granted for two varietals, one used for wine – chardonnay, and the other for sultanas.

We’ll be be back next Thursday, hopefully with some better news.

Have a great week,
the Ethical Co-op team.