Organic food is better for you

It’s woman’s day, a public holiday, on Thursday. And to make the day doubly special – it’s co-op day. For those of you who’re not going to be at your usual place, please make sure that your collection or delivery option is correct. We wouldn’t like you to be welcomed to work on Friday, or even Monday, by a mouldy heap of unclaimed veggies!

If you’re still doubting your taste buds insistence that organic food is better for you (after all, your taste buds are there for a reason), another of those studies showing organic food is better for you has just been completed.

A 10-year study comparing organic and chemically-grown tomatoes has shown that the organic tomatoes have flavanoid levels that are twice as high. Flavanoids are the good guys, who’ve been well-studied for their role in preventing heart disease in particular . The flavanoid levels actually increased over time, which is likely to be due to the improvement in soil quality on organic farms over the course of the study.

A smaller study from the Netherlands showed that switching to organic dairy and meat improved the quality of mother’s breast milk.

For those who aren’t yet aware of it, there’s the Earthnotes environmental documentary film festival showing at the Labia right now, with a great range of films. You can download a schedule at

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