A food fit for swine

After two weeks of beating family colds on the head, it does feel like Spring is on its way.  The snivels are gone, and the fevers subsided.  I can only imagine how much worse my precious family would have felt had we not been eating our daily organic fruit and veggies!

One vegetable in particular came in handy over these past few weeks.  Considered suitable only for swine in the Victorian era, the lowly onion is a most under-estimated member of our natural medicinal plants.

Sliced and mixed with honey, it makes not only a delicious spread for toast , but a soothing tonic for sore throats.  And thinly sliced, dipped for about four-five seconds in hot (not boiling) water, sipped through the day, will offer relief for your standard winter “runny” nose.  According to Vogel, if an onion is cut in two and place on either side of the bed while sleeping, the vapour offers undeniable results for most cold and flu symptoms.  In addition, an onion rubbed into the scalp has been shown to improve hair condition and aid with dandruff.

My grandfather, who lived to the ripe old age of 90, swore to us that the reason for his outstanding teeth (not a filling in his time), was because he ate half a raw onion every day.

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The Co-op team.

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  1. Ian

    I'm not sure what an onion rubbed into the scalp does for the social life, but thanks for the tips!