New website, a bumper offering, and news on the GM potato

New website

A mere year or so late, we’ve launched our new website. We hope it’ll make your experience that much better, but if it doesn’t, please let us know. And if it does, we’d still love to know!

Back in stock

Displaying good synchronity, our stock levels are nice and high this week. While we realise there are still gaps, we have lots of new products in stock, as well as the return of some long-lost favourites. Cashew nuts, oats and brown long grain are all back again, while some of the new items include pasta and pasta sauces from Bio-Italia, a new range of the ever-popular Tulsi teas, and, closer to home, a new range of organic soap from Township Trades, an NGO helping train young people from the townships.

We’re also excited to be offering sustainably harvested wild rooibos. Even something like rooibos can turn into farmland monoculture farm that devastates the original environment remaining. Heiveld Co-op hand harvests the plants every two years, helping to preserve the endangered flora of the Sandveld region, and is a great example of ethical and sustainable production. You can read about it in more detail on the site.

South Africa rejects GM Potatoes

To round off the great news, the SA government has rejected the recent application to grow genetically-modified potatoes here. It was one of’s first campaigns, and, testament to how things are changing, objections came from retail organisations who have in the past been quite supportive of GM crops, including McDonalds, Pick n Pay and Fruit and Veg City. Thanks to all who contributed

The Agricultural Research Council, who lodged the application, are of course appealing.

If you’ve been able to resist exploring our new site until now, you can head on over to to order.

Have a fantastic week,
the Ethical Co-op team

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  1. Duncan Drennan

    The new website looks really good, there are just two things which make it more difficult to order (IMO). They both relate to the size of the ordering window. You've made the width smaller and fixed which reduces the space to see what is available, and you have also made the header much larger (in height) which again reduces the space available to see the actual products. This means far more scrolling to get through everything and a little window to look through. FYI my screen resolution is 1280x800, the natural resolution of my laptop screen. I really like the new categories and the improved way of showing the product details. My suggestions would be, 1) Either reduce the header height, or at least allow it to be scrolled off the screen, and, 2) Use a fluid, rather than a fixed, width. Cheers, Duncan