Final Week

The final week
It’s the last week to place your order for delivery this year. For Cape Town customers, the site closes for the final time this year on Monday December the 14th for delivery on Thursday December the 17th. For courier orders countrywide, orders received on December 17th will be dispatched on Friday 18th. Any orders on Friday or after will be dispatched on Thursday January 7th.

We re-open for Cape Town orders on Friday 8th January, for delivery or collection on Thursday 14th.

Gift ideas
In my family, everyone talks about not buying each other presents, about not falling into the consumerism trap, and then rushes out to buy each other loads of presents. If you’re equally unable to resist, here are some gift ideas from our range.

Top of the list must of course be a box of cow patties. What can be more desirable than a box of quality biodynamic cow patties for the gardener in all of us. If for some reason the recipient hasn’t (yet) got green fingers, perhaps some unbleached, locally-produced toilet paper will do the trick. Some toilet paper marketed as “green” is imported, and some bleached, and in our opinion, especially with such a bulky, low-value product, neither are acceptable.

I realise though that not everyone has the same dream gifts as me, so perhaps there are other options more to people’s tastes.

The 2010 Conscious Living Diary, made of 100% tree-free paper, contains yummy recipes, fun ideas, soul-full poetry, planting guides and more. There are various toys from the Green Shop, and a great range of soaps. None on a rope, as far as I’m aware. There’s various solar-powered lights, from small lanterns for internal use, to motion-sensor ones for outdoor use, Himalayan Salt lamps and a quality range of incense, Fair-Trade, packaged in recycled packaging, and of course free from the usual synthetic additives.

Have a safe, joyful and generally fantastic festive season, and we’ll be in touch again in the new year.

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