My little cabbage

The reputation of the cabbage is an unenviable one. From being considered responsible for bad dreams and “sending black vapours to the brain”, to being a hardy staple eaten by most of central Europe over winter, this hardy vegetable has stood the test of time.

Researchers have learned that a phytochemical called indole exists in the cabbage which actively inhibits the growth of breast, stomach and colon cancer. Cabbage juice, which contains Vitamin U, has been successfully tested in curing peptic ulcers. Also, wrapped around an inflammation in the form of a paste, it makes a highly effective poultice. This is because is contains large amounts of glutamine, an amino acid which has anti-inflammatory properties.
And all breast-feeding mom’s know of the relief when placing cabbage leaves on engorged breasts!!

So versatile in the kitchen, eaten raw, cooked, fermented or juiced, the cabbage is one vegetable that we are seldom without.

After an absence, we have Earthmother chocolates, beluga, gourmet brown, and red lentils, tomato ketchup and puree, tortilla chips, and tahini back on this week.

There are also grapes and asparagus available again.

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