Natural and Organics Exhibition, and some more good news

The Natural and Organic Exhibition will be running from the 12th to the 14th October at the Convention Centre. The co-op will be there, as will some of our suppliers, and it promises to be a great event. We’d love you to join us, so we’ve managed to source some complementary tickets. We’ll be handing them out on a first-come, first-served basis, but we only have enough for about half of our normal weekly orders. So, if you order early, we’ll put a ticket in your box.

If you don’t want one, please say so in the notes with your order, and allow someone who is keen to take your place.

New on the site this week we have oat milk, which can be used as a milk replacement for those who prefer to avoid dairy.

Remember the outcry after the local case last year when Kelloggs was forced to stop misleading customers into believing its products were ‘healthy’. Now, in response to a lawsuit in the US, Kelloggs is actually improving the nutritional content of some of its products. In an agreement with various children’s health groups, who were suing Kelloggs, the company has agreed that all of its products that are advertised to young children will meet certain standards (mainly reduced salt and sugar content). Currently half of them fail to meet these standards.

The growth in people’s awareness, and the resultant pressure being placed on big companies, is heartening to see. Understanding one’s body, and understanding the effects of what we feed it, should be a fundamental skill, like literacy. We’re getting there.

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