Sour what?

As a child, sauerkraut wasn’t exactly top of my favourite food list. The thought of fermented cabbage just didn’t get me salivating at the lips.

I never revisited it as an adult until, one day, a year or so ago, a friend served up a bowl of sauerkraut. I was hooked.

Sauerkraut is high in Vitamin C (as is cabbage generally), and keeps for a long time in its brine, it was used by sailors to ward off the dreaded scurvey. While British sailors used limes for this purpose, earning the nickname “limeys” from their enemies, German sailors used sauerkraut, the basis for the term “kraut”.

Making sauerkraut is easy – just add salt and water. Various lactic acid bacteria (naturally present on all vegetables) kick in and the fermentation process begins. It’s these same lactic acid bacteria that exist in a healthy digestive system preventing the growth of parasites and yeasts.

It’s easy to damage our intestinal flora. Antibiotics cause particular damage, as does alcohol, birth control pills and refined foods. The high levels of bacteria in sauerkraut are a great way to restore digestive balance. They also contain two particularly powerful cancer-inhibitors, isothiocyanate and sulphoraphane.

It’s also purported to be a powerful hangover cure. If anyone has success with this, please comment below!

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Rob

    If you have a solution for extreme gas build up after eating sauerkraut in the digestive track,then I would like to know. The strange part is that the gas remains for a day or 2, causing bloatedness, the whole body to pain and also fatigue. And when the gas finally wants out, it has so much compression that I think if I stand on a skateboard I shall reach work with one burst.

  2. Ian Gilfillan

    Rob, I've read that eating large amounts of sauerkraut can cause gas in the beginning. The suggestion was to introduce it slowly, a tablespoon per meal at first, increasing it over time.