Spring and the Natural and Organics Exhibition

It’s been a fine spring day, and the first day I’ve felt I can wander around at night without a jersey. The spring fruit and veg is making an appearance, and what better way to celebrate this weekend than at the Natural and Organics Exhibition, at the Convention Centre. We’ll be online too, so you can place your orders right there, or buy from the limited stock we’ll have on offer at the show.

We had our record number of orders, by some margin, so we weren’t able to supply as many of you with the complementary tickets as we’d have liked, but we’d love to meet any of you who are attending, face-to-face for a change. Our stall is near the stage, opposite the wine-tasting area, or on the opposite side of the hall from the main entrance.

Apologies that so many of you had products short this week, especially eggs. Apparently, the hens weren’t in the mood for laying thanks to last week’s cold snap. We hope, for the hen’s sake of course, that the spring weather lasts.

Last week, perhaps because of the exhibition ticket offering, we had a lot more orders on Friday than usual. Usually, most of our orders come in on Monday. Do remember that there is often significantly more stock available on Fridays. Some of the products, such as the Camphill Milk and Camphill Bread, are ordered from their dairy and bakery on Sunday, or even Saturday. We don’t like wastage, so we usually make a very conservative estimate on what to make available after that. All of which means some of your favourite products may be unavailable if you place your order on Monday.

Remember that you can always place an initial order on Friday, making sure you get your hands on those products in short supply, and then update your order on Monday. Your order is only frozen on Monday at 2pm – you can change it at will, depending on availability, until then.

To order, head on over to www.ethical.org.za.

Hope to see you at the Convention Centre,

the Co-op team.