Carrots and sardines

Welcome to all our new members who signed up at the Natural and Organics Exhibition. It was good to see some of our existing members too, even if at times it seemed as if we were in a sardine tin.

Hopefully next year we can afford a bigger stand, and be able to show more than the small portion of our range we could squeeze in this year.

The winner of our Natural and Organics competition is Cornelia Vos – your voucher should be appearing on your account shortly.

Carrots are one of those veggies that never get much attention. They don’t come from the Himalayas, we’ve all known about them since childhood, and they’re rarely the subject of much marketing since they’re commonly available, and grown right here in Cape Town.

But the humble carrot is exceedingly good for us, and those stories about it being good for our eyes are true. Lack of Vitamin A is a cause of poor vision. A carrot’s distinctive orange colour comes from beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in the body. This forms a pigment called rhodopsin, which the eye uses to see in dim light. Carrots are high in antioxidants generally, and help prevent cancers.

I’ve even heard of them being used to help give up smoking – apparently chewing on a carrot everytime a craving arises does the trick!

Orange carrots developed in the 15th and 16th centuries in the Netherlands, and became popular as a nationalistic celebration of the ruling House of Orange. Before that, purple, pink, red and yellow carrots were more common.

On a final note, especially for our new members, please return what we can re-use. We pay Talents for your Camphill bottles, and will take egg boxes, cardboard boxes, netting and glass bottles back.

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  1. John

    A whole lot more about the humble carrot at the World Carrot Museum -

  2. darb

    Our doctor pointed us towards carrots when our baby started getting eczema. Since we started on a regular dosage of carrot (and apple) juice his eczema has become almost negligible, and if it does flare up it is because we have neglected to give him his dosage. The sad thing is that no eczema resources seem to mention the link between Vitamin A and alleviation of eczema, esp. eating carrots and apples regularly (an apple a day keeps the doctor away!). I am not saying it will alleviate all forms of eczema, but it works well for us!