Optimism heals, another GM maize application, and a vacancy

I read a report today on a study indicating that optimists are less likely to get heart disease. It’s an important study, because while many have known this intuitively or through personal experience, this is one of the first studies to find a strong link between positive emotions and good health. We may not be able to control everything that happens to us, but no matter how horrific the experience, we can always control our reaction to it.

There are those who seem strong no matter what happens to them, and those for whom life is always a struggle, no matter the opportunities they are given. It’s always possible to change, to go from a predominantly pessimistic to a predominantly optimistic attitude. I know I have.

GM Maize in SA
Syngenta has applied to grow a new genetically-modified maize, GA21. As with all commercially-grown GM crops, there are no benefits such as “feeding the world” or “increasing yields” or “reducing herbicide use”. Instead, this maize has been modified to be immune to Touchdown Forte, Syngenta’s herbicide, a similar model to Monsanto with their Roundup herbicide. Again, seeds are used as a vehicle to sell more herbicide, which in practice has led to higher levels of herbicide use due to the plant’s immunity.

Recent amendments to the law allow the Minister of the Environment to insist on an Environmental Impact Assessment in cases such as these. Activist.co.za is running a petition requesting that this happen – lend your support at the activist.co.za website.

Free tickets to Natural and Organic Show

We’re not going to be exhibiting at this weekend’s Natural and Organic Exhibition, but many of our suppliers are, so it’s a great way to find out more. Urban Sprout are offering their readers free tickets – visit their website and follow the link from there.

Gojis, dates and other oddities
Organic dates have been almost impossible to come by recently, but we’re pleased to have some available again. They’ll go quickly, so get your orders in now. And, for goji lovers such as myself, who find that the 200g bag runs out half way up Table Mountain, we’re now offering goji berries in a 1kg bag. There’s also a variety of unusual fresh veg available – check out the site for more.

Admin and customer service ace wanted
We have a vacancy for an admin ace, with great customer service skills. It’s a fulltime position, available immediately. Go here to find out more.

Have a great week,
the Ethical Co-op team