Organics for all

One of our aims is to make organic food affordable for all. Everyone should be eating healthy, organic food, not just those who can afford it. I’ve discussed in previous newsletters that organics need not be more expensive – the yields can be as good, or better, than chemically-grown food.

We know that some of our items are great value, and some, unfortunately, are not.

Which is why we’re very pleased to be offering our own range of products, bought in bulk, packaged in biodegradable packaging, and offered to you at, we believe, exceptional prices. We can keep prices down by being online, and not having all the expenses associated with a shop, by being small, and a co-operative, so we don’t have multiple levels of management taking their cut. It may also surprise you to know we only have one fulltime staff member, a very recent appointment.

Enjoy 500g basmati rice for R12, 500g sunflower seeds for R17 and 500g white sugar for R9. There are also a few other items at great prices, but you’ll have to be quick to nab those. Don’t forget to toss the packaging, made from starch, in the compost bin once you’ve finished, rather keeping your dustbin free to gather the dust it’s named after.

We’ll be expanding the range over the coming weeks.

If you’ve moved away from sugar to healthier options (even organic white sugar isn’t good for you!), we can offer xylitol, which is safe for diabetics, and much healthier, as well as honey (from Honeywood and Bloublommetjies farms), and dates.

To order, visit

The Co-op team.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Jen

    Thanks for your amazing newsletters always inspiring and full of incredibly valuable information. I really must get my act together and order from you! I'll have to get over my resistance to going online versus visiting a shop and choosing things myself, something I enjoy doing. But I always read your letters and feel so excited about your co-op!!!!

  2. admin

    Thanks for the kind words Jen, we hope to see you order soon!