Amazonian mozzies

The mosquitos have been out in force recently, at least in my house. According to my recently-arrived guests, they put even Amazon jungle mozzies to shame.

After my guests went wild with a fly swatter, I decided to provide them a more gentle alternative. Amidst our wide range of incense are two formulated especially to deter mosquitos – the Mosqui Lavendar, and the Mosqui Lemongrass. We’ve also added the “Zen” range to the “Classic” and “Ayurveda” ranges, all Fair Trade, packaged in recycled paper and harvested from only natural wild sources.

Feeding Frenzy
While harvesting herbs from the wild is one thing, another kind of “harvest” is turning into a frenzy. The bluefin tuna is on the brink of extinction. Favoured by sushi connoisseurs worldwide, it’s so rare that the remaining specimens are in great demand, fetching ever higher prices. Once more an international forum has devolved into political horsetrading, and the vote to ban bluefin fishing was defeated, led by Canada, Japan and other nations more concerned about short-term gains for their fishing industry.

While business is booming for the tuna industry, there’s greater focus on the trade in whaling and dolphins .The While you were Sleeping Collective is showing the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove at the Labia on March 28th, 29th and 30th. The Cove explores the bloody world of the international dolphin trade.

Herbs and Spices
We now have a fairly extensive range of organic herbs and spices. While many, such as ginger, garlic and tumeric, are well-known here, others are still to be discovered. Ajwain is a strong-tasting herb, and too heavy a hand will lead to a thyme-flavoured meal. As with thyme and caraway, it contains thymol, but in higher quantities. Being an uncommon spice, it’s commonly confused, and known by multiple names, including Indian Caraway, Egyptian anise and Coptic Caraway.

As with many spices, its flavour dissolves much better in fat than in water, and is nutritionally more easily absorbed too. It’s traditionally used for indigestion, as a general digestive aid, as well as an antiseptic.

Human Rights Day
It’s a long weekend this weekend, and Monday is Human Rights Day. While it seems hard to imagine now, it wasn’t that long ago that 69 people were shot dead in Sharpeville, many from behind, for protesting against being denied rights in their own land, and being forced to carry the notorious “dompas”.

We’ve come a long way.

Have a great weekend,
Ian and the Ethical Co-op team