Meat, coal and shiny white gnashers

No-meat day
Cape Town recently became the first African city to declare one day a week meat-free. That’s doesn’t mean you get locked up if you eat meat on a Friday. Rather, thanks to Compassion in World Farming and the city’s Health Portfolio Committee, the city has endorsed a call to make one day a week meat-free.

The main goal behind the call is to encourage people to eat more healthily, as well as the associated environmental benefits with eating less meat.

South Africa gets dirty coal
South is poised to race even further up the world’s worst polluter per capita charts after the World Bank approved the $3.75 billion loan to Eskom for a monstrous coal power station. All it took was one “No” vote according to the World Bank’s consensus rules, but although there were quite a few abstentions, nobody wanted to rock the boat. In a country with one of the best profiles worldwide for renewable energy, we have instead chosen the worst of options, one that will be poisoning the air and the water for generations to come.

While we’re forced to breath ever-dirtier air, we’re at least not condemned to ever-dirtier teeth! We’ve always offered a number of toothpastes (Enchantrix and Nature Fresh currently), but this week sees a new range of oral care products – Olgani herbal brushing salts. The idea of brushing my teeth in salt seemed strange at first, but after a week’s testing I’ve found something I’m very happy using. Salt is antibacterial and antifungal, and the three different varieties all contain different herbs for different focus areas.

Find them all in our “Personal Care – Oral Care” section. As always, you can see a more complete description, and full ingredient listings, by clicking on “More Info” above the product name on the left of the screen.

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