Celebrate Life

We shouldn’t need a soccer tournament to celebrate. Life itself is a celebration, no matter what our circumstances. But sometimes, it helps to have an excuse. So while, yes, the billions could have been better spent, the stadium built elsewhere, and a vuvuzela at 7am may not be everyone’s ideal start to the day, the party is here.

It’s been great to watch the energy pulsing through people, even those who aren’t normally soccer fans. Philippi, where our warehouse is based, was one huge party last night. It’s been a long time since most of the country reverberated with a similar energy. 1994, 1995, 1996. Nothing since then.

So I’ll save the news about the new pesticide campaign for another time!

If you do plan to celebrate with a chocolate smoothie or three, one of the key ingredients, coconut oil is now available in an unfiltered form. Certified organic, the unfiltered coconut oil is a yellower colour and has a slightly different, stronger taste than virgin filtered coconut oil. And costs a lot less too!

Have a blissful week,
Ian and the Ethical Co-op team