Hot or not

Tea-drinkers have probably noticed our increasing range of teas, especially the Qi range of black and green blends. Certified organic, well-priced, the range now includes a golden black tea, Earl Grey, ginger green tea, jasmine green tea and, added this week, a spicy chai black tea.

Add to that our wide range of herb, rooibos and honeybush teas, and tea drinkers are certainly well-catered for.

Coffee drinkers may however have been feeling a little disgruntled. We used to have a good range of coffee, but haven’t been able to establish a regular supply, and have recently been limited to two instant coffees, one of them decaf.

However, back on the site after a long hiatus is a “real” coffee, Chipunga’s Arabica ground coffee. Grown in the highlands of Malawi on terraces of deep brown-reddish soils and surrounded by protected indigenous forest, Chipunga supports the social and educational upliftment of the local community through a worker-governed fund.

Hot-hot or not
We haven’t had chilli sauce available for a while, and the habanero sauce we offered a few weeks ago sold out extremely quickly. So we’ve stocked up again and can now bring you 4 varieties to heat up your winter meals.

The Ethical Co-op’s Bhanoo brings you her hot-hot-hot habanero sauce. In case it’s not clear from the description, it’s hot. Very hot. One of our tasters very impressively did manage to taste the peach inside, but us lesser mortals were left scrambling for the kuzu root to reline our intestines.

There’s also a mild, if such a word can be applied to habaneros, one of the hottest of the chillies, habanero sauce, and two sauces actually befitting the term mild – a sweet chilli sauce and a green jalapeno sauce.

The joke about stomach lining is actually not correct. Regular chilli-eaters have lower rates of peptic ulcers than those who avoid them, and the increased blood flow to the stomach lining caused by the active ingredient, capsaicin, may actually help in healing the lining of the stomach tissue.

Where’re the oats?
But enough of the tea and chilli I hear you cry! Where are the oats? A staple, and one of our best sellers has been unavailable for the past few weeks, courtesy of a minor hold-up in the harbour, but, to a collective sigh of relief, we have oats available again.

To order, head on over to

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical Co-op team