The conventional lentil

The humble lentil has long had a reputation as a healthy food, and with good reason. It contains 26% protein (higher than any other vegetable except for soybeans), and, when combined with rice, forms a complete protein, or one containing all essential amino acids. Lentils are also high in vitamin B1 (thiamine) and iron, which is particularly important for pregnant or menstruating woman and adolescents.

One of our aims is to end the reputation (and reality) of organic food as expensive and elitist. We believe everyone should be eating organic – it’s healthier for everyone – the planet, the people consuming it, and the people working with it. We don’t mark our products up by much, and being an online-only organisation, with minimal costs and staffing, means that we can offer extremely attractive prices on our Ethical Co-op branded goods. They’re packaged in biodegradeable packaging which you can compost, rather than relying on oil-bases plastic. They’re not certified organic, since we’re not a certified premises, but all ingredients are 100% certified organic.

We can’t control all of our prices, but take a look at our goods branded “*the ethical co-op”, and compare the prices. We think you’ll be extremely impressed.

Our Tereva cheeses are proving very popular and sell out quickly each week. This week we have mature cheddar, mature gouda and mature emmental to add to the range we’ve introduced over the last two weeks.

At long last we’ve also sourced some more certified organic eggs. A core product, we’ve disappointed many of you recently by not stocking them. They’ve proved elusive however, but the increasing demand for them at the expense of non-organic, or eggs laid by battery hens, is a positive development. One day they’ll be all that’s available, and battery hens will be a barbarism from the past.

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