Organics and organophosphates

The recent rains have been more than welcome after the scorching weather. However, the cows aren’t as comfortable with the variations in the weather, and dairy production is down. Some of our dairy staples are not available, or in smaller quantities.

A yearlong study in the US found that the urine and saliva of children eating a variety of conventional foods from area groceries contained organophosphates.

Researchers found that if a child switched to an organic diet, the pesticide disappeared from the child’s urine within 36 hours. Organophosphates were designed during WWII specifically to kill humans and later evolved into commonly used pesticides for food crops.

Other studies have shown that peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, nectarines, strawberries and cherries are among the worst offendors with the highest level of pesticides.

Humanity’s chemical experiment on its children is a recent phenomonen, not much more than a generation. Yet we’re still told that there’s nothing to worry about. Focusing on the negative, on the reasons to fear, is a strong motivation, but a disempowering one. Far rather focus on the positive, so let’s mention that the evidence that organic food is healthier is piling up too.

This week again we have reasonable quantities of the recently elusive eggs, but it probably won’t be enough for everyone, so place your order early!

Our imported goods are already seeing some drastic increases in price – all the more reason to buy local, and a great opportunity for local entrepreneurs to produce locally what we can only currently get on import.

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